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Join the Pixel community and be part a new resolution


Join the Pixel community and be part a new resolution


Join the Pixel community and be part a new resolution


Join the Pixel community and be part a new resolution


Join the Pixel community and be part a new resolution

The Concept of "Le Pixel Café"

A place where you can Relaxe to find inspiration with a great coffee. As designers for more than 15 years in Paris we decided to create a new style of coffee shop. Peaceful with gentle music and beautyful raw food and drinks. You can Drink, eat home made Cake, Pastas and Rice meal. And like at home, the menu change every day ! You can even watch movies and TV Shows, play with Playstation 4 or Wii U to have fun at the VIP floor.

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Comment's from Richard the owner

"Our best reward is to see you enter our home and see that your are delighted by our re-design of this old french style villa". Richard is a Digital Creative Director in Paris, He's now in Da Nang to face a new challenge. He stops designing only on the screen of a computer. He now want to design in the real life and have the direct return of the customers of his efforts.

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When we arrived in Danang 9 month ago, Solenn would love to find a villa to redesign. Old style villa mixed with the last trends of western interior design was the objective. We found a very great place in the famous Le Loi Street. So now "Le Pixel café" is ready to welcome you at the 59A every day from 8am to 21pm.

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As every parents my wife and I are very concerne about sustainable business and environmental policies. That's why theres is no plastic or paper box containers at "Le Pixel Café". We re-use porcelain plates, inox forks, knifes and spoons or glasses for drinks. We could't be totaly  zero wast coffee but we try to do our best .

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Richard and Solenn is a couple from Paris with 15 years of experience in Digital and Architecture business. As designer we always think about the  of the final product. That is why from the interior design to the dishes on your plate or drinks we can guarantee that every detail will be simple and delicious.

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Vip Floor for
Very important Pixels

Maximum confort for working and chilling.
Welcome to the 1st class


V.I.P Concept

You deserve to be a Very Important Pixel. You have access to the private 1st Floor. Real shiny marble on the floor and cooning design was created by Solenn who was architect in Paris for very rich people. Mixed design with old style wooden school tables or beautiful tek table with Scandinavia design offers you the greatest last trend in design architecture. 

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Solenn's the owner comments

"As architect from Paris I wanted to redesign an old french style villa. With The VIP floor I could express all my creativity. I like to mix different materials from the shiny marble of the floor to the old wooden school table..." Solenn is an architect with 15 years of experience redesigning old building in Paris.

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Free flow on drinks

That's the new concept in Da nang. You pay a 130K ticket and then your drinks are free for 1 hour. You have total free flow of gold caracoli filtered coffee, Organic English tea and Coca-cola or Sprite. You can drink as much as you want! We also offer 15% discount on premium snacks as french fries, camembert cheese or Tyrrel's Chips

Complimentary for VIP

Sony Playstation 4 Challenge

At "Le Pixel Coffee" we wanted the best entertainment experience for our guest. So that's why you can experience Playstation 4 Challenges. Street Fighter V, Just Dance, Drive Club, Fifa and more...are waiting for you and your friend for the ultimate shodown.

Complimentary for VIP

Nintendo Wii U challenge

Because we love Nintendo system we wanted to offer to our special guest the last MARIO Kart 8. We introduce to you Just Dance 2016 and Splattoon Challenge as well. "Le pixel café" is the only place in Da nang where you can experience WII U production and challenge your friends.
Nintendo fans can finally meet at "Le pixel café" and play together.

Complimentary for VIP

NetFlix and HBO Private Movies and TV Shows

We all have heroes. Sometimes we laught with them and sometimes we cry. But we always love them. At "Le pixel café" you can enjoy HBO and Netflix movies and TV Shows in our private room. A 55" Samsung TV is waiting for you for exclusive shows. How about coming to watch the season premiere of the new "X-files" or "Game of Thrones".

Complimentary for VIP

Pixel Event,
Reward yourself 

3D Movies, Netflix Exclusive TV Show,
 Wii Challenge on the big screen

Pixel event Concept

We love Events ! Because events can bring people together around a movie a TV shows, Sport or Wii challenge. So that's why we are going to offer for free, access to our "Pixel Evening". Our dedicated room with an Projector (3D for selected movies) is the perfect place to see our watch again movies or Netflix TV shows or even Nintendo WII productions.

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 Nicolas' comment owner at "Le Rendez-vous"

" Richard invits me to watch the RBS Six nation on his giant screen. We took some beers and snack ans we were in a very great condition to follow the Match "  Nicolas has a french restaurant in Hai Chau. He is open every day and has great unique recepies like the "Onglet" Beef and the "Foie gras de canard".

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"Why are you so serious" ! We all know that because we love movies. But at "Le pixel café" we think that great movies needs to be seen on the big screen with friends on the same room, with snacks and drinks. Say no to the illegal streaming on you 15" laptop alone in your room. Say hello to "Le Pixel café" movies events.


NetFlix TV Show

Jessica Jones,Dardevil,Dexter, breaking bad or Orange is the new black... All your heroes are at "Le pixel café" right after the USA. So have a seat and make yourself comfortable welcome to a different experience than watching a bad streaming alone in your laptop. Welcome Monsieur to "Le Pixel café" Tv shows.


Nintendo Wii challenge

Who is the best Jedi ! Challenge me at Starwars on my own WII. Free accees for all wii games of my collection. From Mario production to zelda best adventure, come to experience the virtual world on the big screen of my video projector. 2,5m screen just for you and your friends. So ask our collection.


Your event
has to be cozy & different

Privatize VIP Floor for private Birthday, Cocktail, Expo, After works

Private Concept

You are looking for a nice place to celebrate your birthday party , your seminar at the end of the project, or to share a nice evening with friends : the VIP area of "Le Pixel café"is for you . With a surface of 90 m2 and a cozy design, we can help you to organize your events and make them memorable … Designed to be modular , our VIP area suits your needs

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Roz du jour comment's, Stylist

" A new co-working space cafe in Danang!!! Owned by French expats from Paris. They have a 2nd floor with private rooms if you need it. TV and xbox are available to those who loves to watch a new movie or play a new game...."  

See Website

Private Cocktail/Afterwork

What if you ask us to provide you a great cocktail party on the VIP Floor. 90 m2 just for your friends or colleagues. We offer the drinks and the food with special french specials and Fusion meals. Cake home made for your guest and even Playstation 4 and Wii U game on the big screen to wonder your friends.


Private Birthday

We rent our  exclusive VIP space to celebrate your anniversary. From 2 to 20 peoples we can privatise the VIP Floor et provide Drinks, Food and a French Birthday cake made by Solenn.
Adults can relaxe on the VIP Lounge whiles kids can enjoy the Playstation 4 ou Wii U challenge. Your birthday is very special so we are.


Expo Photo

"Le Pixel Café" love creative mind and we want to spread beauty as much as we can. We have space for your expo. We can hook all your hard work on our walls so every body can see it. Or you can privatise the VIP floor for your "Vernissage". Please come to us to talk about your project. 

On demand

The real taste
of Coffee & Milk

No preservative, No chemicals, No Corn syrup... No Cheating

Private Concept

At "Le Pixel coffee" , coffee has been carefully selected : Cultivated in DALAT area(Vn), our supplier guarantees itself the selection of beans and the coffee roasting. We offer a unique blend of organic Arabica and Robusta beans... coffee lover . Our supplier is "Caracolie Coffee" hold by a former marathon Runner. When he get retired from USA to Vietnam he created his own coffee  garantee without any strange process as color, sugar added...

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Comment's from Ha Nguyen, 22 years old, FreeLancer

" An awesome coffee shop for working, studying and dating. The decoration is impressive with the colors of blue and white. Lovely photos, beautiful lights and wonderful music make this place so peaceful and comfortable. Drinks are really great, especially coffee latte. I definitely come back with my friends soon."

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Espresso is made by forcing very hot water under high pressure through finely ground, compacted coffee. Tamping down the coffee promotes the water's even penetration of the grounds.[6] This process produces an almost syrupy beverage by extracting both solid and dissolved components. An unforgettable experience.



A caffè lungo should not be mistaken for a caffè americano, which is an espresso with hot water added to it, or a long black, which is hot water with a short black added to it (inverse order to Americano; done so to preserve the crema). In the lungo, all the water is brewed, and the lungo is generally shorter than an Americano.



 In France, caffè latte is mostly known from the original italian name of the drink (caffe' latte or caffelatte); a combination of espresso and steamed milk equivalent to a "latte" is in French called grand crème and in German Milchkaffee or Melange. At "Le Pixel café" we use 50% coffee and 50% Milk from France.  And we top with Cinnamon.


Cappucino Pixel Style

Cappuccino is a coffee drink that today is composed of espresso and hot milk, with the surface topped with foamed milk. The top third of the drink consists of milk foam. At "Le pixel coffee we use 65% of french steam milk and 35% of coffee. We top with cinnamon. Very good and beautiful drink for your photos...


Latte Macchiato

A latte macchiato features more foam, rather than simply hot milk. A latte macchiato often uses only half an espresso shot or less. Finally, a latte macchiato is often a "layered" drink, rather than being mixed as in a caffè latte. Simply, in a caffè latte, the emphasis is on the coffee, while in a latte macchiato, the emphasis is on the milk.


Monin Latte, Vanilla,Etc...

Say goodbye to boring cups of coffee. You’ll be making delicious gourmet coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and more with our collection of coffee recipes, featuring Monin Syrups. At "Le Pixel Coffee" enjoy Vanilla , Hazelnut or Caramel Latte with the world leader french sirup manufacturer.


Premium Drinks
For You & your soul

Because your body is made of 75% of liquide.

Drinks Concept

You are what you drink. So at "Le pixel coffee" we believe that we have the responsibility to deliver the best quality. So that's why we selected the best mineral and sparkling water imported from France. You can also taste or fresh 100% Fresh juice, Mocktail or Mixed Juice. Juicing is good for your health it taste so good and it clears your mind. We also have selected the best Beer for your evening, Desperado from France, Tiger from Thailand and Heineken from Netherlands.

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Comment's from Phuoc Phan, 19 years old, Student

" After wondering in the city for a long time, fortunately we found Pixel- an adorable coffee shop. Thank you for the enthusiasm of the staff and two owners of the coffee shop . We fully enjoyed all the dishes and kinds of drink here. Thank you so much for this awsome experience . We definitely come back someday. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!"

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Evian french mineral water

On its 15-year journey through an ancient glacial filter deep in the heart of the French Alps, evian® Natural Mineral Water slowly but surely acquires a unique mineral balance. Its low sodium content and balanced mineral composition make it particularly well suited for mothers and babies. In 1878, the French Medical Academy officially recognized evian® Natural Mineral Water’s favorable effects on human health.

70K Normal/100 LargeSee WebsiteText Link

Alba Mineral Water

Heated by volcanic magma, enriched in magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, while traveling through earth layers of the Truong Son mountain chains, Alba natural mineral water contains a variety of mineral properties which aid health and well-being.

45KText Link

Alba Sparkling Water

Bicarbonate helps to neutralise gastric acid, which is good for people suffering chronic stomach trouble as well as liver and pancreatic diseases.The optimum level of Florine in Alba natural mineral water helps balance bone structure, and prevents dental carries, atherosclerosis and female osteoporosis.

45KText Link

Perrier Sparkling Water

Perrier is a natural sparkling mineral water that is well known throughout the world. Famous for its elegantly-shaped green bottle, Perrier is the ultimate refreshment to quench all thirsts. In 1863, the PERRIER saga began: bubbles taken from a French spring were bottled, ready to satisfy people’s thirst. In 1898, Dr. Louis Perrier became the owner of the spring, which would later take his illustrious name. The fantastic story of Perrier combined to its unique personality led to several commercials, each more original than the next. Based on refreshment, humor, and cheekiness, Perrier’s ads have been a reference in terms of communication. The brand is strongly related to sports, and is recognized as Roland Garros Tournament’s historical partner, since 1928.

60K Normal/100 LargeSee WebsiteText Link


It offers many life-enhancing health benefits including a faster, more efficient way to absorb immune boosting nutrients naturally found in fruits and vegetables.  It provides a way to access digestive enzymes typically locked away in the fiber matrix of whole fruits and vegetables.

45K/55K/60KText Link

Mixed Juices

Juicing removes the insoluble fiber from vegetables and fruits. While fiber is an established, important part of an overall healthy diet, removing the insoluble fiber allows for increased absorption of specific health promoting phytonutrients including enzymes, while the soluble fiber persists into the juice.

50K/55K/55KText Link

Steve Jobs

Apple / Carrote / Curcumin

Hulk me !  

Apple /Spinach / Green Lemon

PS I Love You ! 

Strawberry, Coco Milk And Ginger

Tiger Crystal

Deliver intense refreshment with Tiger Crystal, a crisp drink of sterling innovation. Tiger Crystal is ice-filtered with world-class brewing technology for clarity, showcasing intense flavour with an unexpected light and crisp finish and no compromise on character.

35KSee Slide ShowSee Slide ShowText Link


Wherever you go in the world, it’s always refreshing to see something you recognise. That green bottle, the red star, the smiling ‘e’… like an instant welcome from an old friend. Cold, fresh, high quality Heineken. Enjoyed near and far since 1873.

55KText Link


Desperados is the world’s first Tequila Flavoured Beer. Unique combination of gold coloured, full bodied lager beer with a kick of Tequila flavour to achieve a fine balanced premium beer with distinct accessible taste, light bitterness and refreshing citric notes

60KText Link

Real Food,
for Real People

Home made with love from raw products for maximum taste and nutriments

Private Concept

Because we want the Pixel coffee becomes your second home, we prepare you every day new dishes : home cooking made ​​with quality ingredients , and that will leave you time to relax in the VIP area before returning to work...

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Comment's from Bao Tran, Tour Guide in Hoi An Mate

" What a lovely coffee! I loved the quiet atmosphere mostly here and I was also extremely impressed by some stunning songs (french songs, I guess lol). Your coffee is well-decorated, simple but luxury for me. I loved it! I'll absolutely come back again with my friends. See u!"

See Hoi an Mate Website

Every Day Brunch

That's Richard who cook you the brunch. I really liked the brunch in Paris on sunday morning. So he decided to recreate the special atmosphere where you can take time to relaxe and have a great food experience. The signature brunch is the "Western". You won't believe the special omellette bacon spinach and cheese ! The french fries are also home made in our kitchen.

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Olivier's comment  Regional Manager, Tankhoa

"I was the second customer to taste the Western Brunch. French Fries are crisps and the omelette is gorgeously good ! Richard pan me the bacon and dressed it on a little home made bread. Hum delicious  "  Olivier love o come on the morning to have the brunch and work out of his office. He really like the quiet atmosphere and he is now a Pixel Fan.

See his website

Mini croissants

In Paris , we eat in the terrace of a brewery with a good black coffee. And you, how you eat ? Directely imported frome West of France and baked every morning at "Le Pixel Café".


French tartines

Homemade bread by our chef Pixel, Normandy butter,  Strawberry jam from the famous brand "Bonne Maman"…a black coffee + a real  croissant + A juice of the day.


Egg Muffin

Richard has imagined an Omelette bacon Burger for the morning. Affordable price but very tasty and good quality as everything is home made. Even the ketchup !


Lunch of the Day Concept

In Paris I used to go for lunch in the restaurant in front of my office. It was well decorated and the service was very kind and gently. "The brasserie Haussmann" became my every day lunch because I knew that they will change the menu often. We simply do the same at "Le Pixel Café".

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Jerome Cros' comment's, Chef at "Le Petit Atelier"

"I tried the Chicken Ginger. They serve a good plate compare to the affordable price. It's the perfect lunch when you don't have much time. I will be back soon as Richard told me that meal change every day." Jérôme is a french he has a delivery service of food. He prepared me a real "Cassoulet" it was divine.

Go to "Le Petit Atelier Danang"

Starter / Soupe Verte

Everybody will tell you that soup is good for your health. Only if you use fresh vegetables and don't add any strange powder or MSG to enhance the flavor. Our green soup is only made of spinach, potatoes, carrot, brocolli and celery. It will make you so strong that we named it Hulk Soup.
Serve on : Tuesday and Friday Ingredients : Carrot, Butternut, Cream

Serve on : Wednesday and Saturday
Ingredients : Spinach, Broccoli, Celery


Starter / Soupe Orange

What's more comforting than a great butternut soup with carrots and french cream. So delicious ! When she was young and the french autumn came in Bretagne (West of France) Solenn used to drink this soup with her sister and mother. "

Serve on : Tuesday and Friday Ingredients : Carrot, Butternut, Cream


Starter Salade Pixel

Salade is so beautiful. It's so good for your health and your balance. We believe that a salade can be better than a burger. We serve it with real Maille balsamic vinegar from france and Dijon mustard. 1 egg for the protein and the bacon for every gourmet. A starter with a starter price. Don't miss this refreshing dish to eat under the sun of Danang.

Serve on : Thursday and Sunday
Ingredients : Salad, Bacon, Egg


Pastas / Bolognese

I do my own bolognese sauce. Here is the secret. Cook by steam the tomatos to keep all the color and nutriments. Then blend it. In a casserole pan the beef and the pork until all the water comes out. Add the carrots, the onion the celery and then mix with the tomato sauce.

Serve on : Tuesday and Friday
Ingredients : Spagetti, tomato, pork, beef


Pastas / Tomato Meat Ball

Really simple but so delicious. The pasta with meat balls  is spagetti with homade tomato sauce. 
We do our own meat ball by mixing 50% porc and 50% beef, Provence Herbes from France. The we fry them to crisp the balls. Delicious...

Serve on : Wednesday and Saturday
Ingredients : Spagetti, Tomato, Porc, Beef


Pastas / Lasagne

are wide, flat-shaped pasta, and possibly one of the oldest types of pasta. The word "lasagne" and, in many non-Italian languages, the singular "lasagna", can also refer to a dish made with several layers of lasagne sheets alternated with sauces and various other ingredients.

Serve on : Tuesday and Friday
Ingredients : Lasagna, Tomato, Porc, Beef


Specials / Hachi Parmentier

Hachi Parmentier is a speciality from france. I do it with mash potatoes from the market cooked by steam. Then pour the ragout sauce on a pint and put the mash potatoes over. I top with Emmental french cheese and put all in the oven . Unforgettable pixel style "Hachi Parementier"!


Specials / Shrimp tomato

My legendary fusion food. Shrimp are braised with garlic and oignon and just then I pour my tomato sauce with some fresh chili. I serve this dish with the rice and top with coriander. Fit every western taste and delight vietnamese gourmets.


Specials / Risotto Parmesan Bacon

is a north Italian rice dish cooked in a broth to a creamy consistency. The broth can be derived from meat, fish, or vegetable. Many types of risotto contain butter, wine and onion. It is one of the most common ways of cooking rice in Italy. But at "Le Pixel Café" we use french butter parmesan and cream simply delicious.


Temptation is good,
You deserve Dessert

Hidden recipes from old french legacy finally within your reach

Dessert Concept

Every day Solenn will bake you a new dessert. So you are sure that when you come back to see us you will experience a new taste. When she was young she use to do cakes with the traditional french recipes of his grand mother. Now she's at "Le Pixel Café" to offer you the top quality of french home made patisserie. You will experience exactly the same taste than in old french family house.

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Comment from Thi Duong, Restaurant Manager

" I really like the dessert home made by Solenn the owner of Le Pixel Café. I tried the apple crumble and the chocolate cacke they were delicious. Sure I will be back to this new coffee shop. Price are also affordable compare to the high quality of the food ". 

Go to Le Pixel Café

Verrines / Mousse Citron

Pretty and good desserts served in glasses eating greedy with a spoon. Foams, crumbles, european recipes with exotic flavors… This is the famous dessert you have seen on our Facebook video/
Ingredients : Lemon, Egg,Sugar,French biscuit


Verrines/Oeufs au lait

This traditional recipes made for all the gourmet. Milk, egg, sugar are pour on a pot and then grilled in the oven at 180°c. Our secret is to add a little vanilla.
Ingredient : Lemon, Egg, Sugar ,French biscuit


Verrines /Crumble

Our top of sell. The Apple Crumble is the signature dessert of Solenn. She pan the apple with sugar. Then she mixe with her hand the flour and the french better. Everithing in the oven for 25 minutes and it's done. So delicious ! We top with cinnamon so you can fall in love with this signature dessert.


Cake / Gateau Breton

Our cakes are homemade with ingredients mainly from France. Gourmet recipes to sharing between friends or lovers with a delicious hot drink! Bon appétit!


Cake/Tarte normande aux pommes

The "Tarte normande" is cake frome the west of france. It is made of "Pâte Brisée" sugar, egg and apple. We imported the butter from France so  you will delighted by the taste of minutes of heaven.


Cake/Fondant Chocolat

The chocolate cake is so generous. We use only top quality chocolate and home made the cake for you. When you order we prepare for you our so inspirational flower with almond petals. No doubt about this dessert that is good for your eyes and your mind. How can be better to reward yourself with chocolate.


Crepe / Confiture

Flour, eggs, milk and little sugar…Pixel pancakes are eaten at all hours of the day: chocolate, apple syrup, banana… For us, we just love it with butter and sugar! Try!



This very unreasonable crepe is made for all days that needs comfort. When you feel a little down the hill come to enjoy this. You will feel better. The caramel is so good.


Crepes/Chocolate Banana

This is our signature crepe ! With fresh banana just pan into french better and Monin Chocolate sirup. You order the top quality with the real taste of "Bretagne" (West of France). The portion is generous and every body we be delighted of this very tasty and authentic dessert. Welcome to the pixel café to enjoy this dessert.


  Snacks that
smacks your journey

It don't have do be junk food ! All are made from real loving people

Snack Concept

We love snacks. You snow this little peace of heaven you can eat all day long. But at le pixel coffee we don't want to sell you some junk food or craps. So that why we have selected Tyrrell's Chips from England. Fresh homemade french fries fry two times for the maximum crisp. And our signature snack, the french camembert with his own homade french bread.
A piece of France here in Da nang for an affordable price compare to the quality.

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Comment's from Ha Thu Dong, 20 years old

"Quiet space, beautiful music, stunning decor and the drinks are super okay (I've tried Latte macchiato, it's really amazing and tasty). I truly love the way the owner experts in every kinds of drinks and share about them passionately! Thank you so much for the warm welcome and making me comfortable as home. See you again for sure!! 

Go to Le Pixel Café !

Tyrrell's Chips

Tyrell 's crisps are produced in very hilly Herefordshire (UK ), just before Wales . There, the red and very clayey soil provides a potato exception , the one with which the chips are made . The manufacture of chips is handbook and seasonings ( roast chicken, sea salt, mature cheddar ... ) are 100% natural . Packaging side too, Tyrell 's stages the British humor with pictures vintage black and white , reminiscent of the authenticity of the product.

45KSee Website

French fries (Home Made)

It is claimed that fries originated in Belgium, and that the ongoing dispute between the French and Belgians about where they were invented is highly contentious, with both countries claiming ownership. Belgian fries are excellent ... but be sur, those of Pixel coffee are homemade and so crunchy!


French Camembert (Le Rustique)

Camembert is a soft, creamy, surface-ripened cow's milk cheese. It was first made in the late 18th century at Camembert, Normandy in northern France. The first camembert was made from unpasteurized milk, and the AOC variety "Camembert de Normandie" is required by law to be made only with unpasteurized milk. Typically camembert tends to be sold whole in thin, round, wooden containers made from poplar. Come to Pixel café to taste this speciality directly from Normandy!


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We can't wait to meet new great Pixels lovers. Come to us !
Close now ! Sorry for the inconvenience. We move back to Paris

Le Pixel Café
59 A Le loi Danang  
Tel. : 09 35 33 48 59

Open on Monday only for Special Events

From Tuesday to Sunday
Open From 8am to 9:30pm
close from 2pm to 3pm

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